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ancient kashmir a historical perspective84

Ancient Kashmir A Historical Perspective

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The book offers a glimpse of the political, social, cultural and economic conditions prevailing in the Ancient Kashmir. It highlights the rise and fall of various Hindu rulers and dynasties during the period under study.The book presents an account of the arrival of Islam through Muslim traders in...

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kashmir papers

Kashmir Papers British Intervention In Kashmir Wrongs Of Kashmir

Sales price: INR 950.00

By the middle of nineteenth century the world history recorded the most shameful and condemnable international transaction which created history of the sale of a nation along with its rich resources, tradition with values and dignity in its cultural ethos. Some time thereafter few conscious...

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th history

The History Of Jammu And Kashmir 1885-1925

Sales price: INR 925.00

  This book is a comprehensive, competent and scholarly treatise on the Dogra period in Jammu and Kashmir state. The present work is a doctoral book which was unanimously recommended for publication by the examiners. The period under study is, the most significant period as it marked the transition...

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