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A Trip To Kashmir & ladakh

A Trip To Kashmir & ladakh

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It is doubtless somewhat of a truism to remark that the love of travel and sport is inherent in every Englishman; and such being the case, I might as well at once inform my readers that, finding myself with a few months on my hands, I set out for Kashmir. But before I speak of Kashmir, I wish to...

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A Woman's life for Kashmir Irene Petrie: A Biography

A Woman's life for Kashmir

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The great missionary biographies are the records of incompleted lives. May it not be that the influence exerted by the record is the completion of the work that seemed to be prematurely laid down? David Brainerd died at the age of thirty, Henry Martyn at thirty-two, Keith Falconer at thirty-one,...

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Advent of Islam in Kashmir

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There have been Sufis at all periods of history. In Kashmir they were designated as Rishis and the Valley was called the Rishi-Veir or the garden of Rishis. They were free from limitation of caste, creed, color or race. For them, the source of all religions is one and the same. However, envy,...

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