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Bal-i-Jabriel - Gabriels Wings

Sales price: INR 2507.29

Bal-i-Jibril (Urdu: بال جبریل‎; or Gabriel's Wing; published in Urdu, 1935) is a philosophical poetry book of Allama Iqbal, the great South Asian poet-philosopher, and the national poet of Pakistan. Iqbal's first book of poetry in Urdu, Bang-i-Dara (1924), was followed by Bal-i-Jibril in 1935 and...

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Bang-I Dara-Call of the Marching Bells

Sales price: INR 2944.29

Bang-i-Dara—Call of the Marching Bell, which forms the subject of this book combines literary with intellectual excellence. Most of his books deal with one or with a few subjects selected out of a large number of his favourite topics. For example, Asrar-i-Khudi and Ramuz-i-Bekhudi deal with the...

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flowers of kashmir

Beautiful Flowers Of Kashmir

Sales price: INR 1395.00

The poets of Kashmir have always praised the flowers of their native land, Kashmir. The foreigners who visited Kashmir in 18th century where attracted not only by the landscape and the natural beauty of Kashmir but also by its flowers. They did not write much about the flowers of Kashmir but the...

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