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the history of kashmiri literature

The History of Kashmiri Literature

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Kashmiri literature has a history of at least 2,500 years, going back to its glory days of Sanskrit. Early names include Patanjali, the author of the Mahabhashya commentary on Panini’s grammer, suggested by some to have been the same to write the Hindu treastise known as the yogasutra, and...

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the sufi path of knowledge

The Sufi Path Of Knowledge

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For the first time in the History of Orientalism, a thorough study of ibn al- ‘Arabi’s thought is now available. William Chittick has given us a translation of numerous passages from the work of the Magister Magnus and placed them in their theological context, thus removing many misunderstandings...

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a complete history of kashmir the ancient hindu

A Complete History Of Kashmir The Ancient Hindu

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For a long time it was felt that the empty shelf in the library of world-knowledge should be filled with a comprehensive book on the history of Kashmir. Many historians have written about Kashmir, but this magnum opus by Muhammad Din Fouk, the legendary historian of Kashmir has its own importance...

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