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kashmiri langauage

A Dictionary Of The Kashmiri Language (2 Volume1 Set )

Sales price: INR 4550.00

With the enormous increase of literacy all over  the world, the extension of the frontiers of knowledge than before, and  the coming of the countries of the world closer to one another,  students, scholars and people of various nations have felt an imperative necessity of learning languages of...

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a gazateer of kashmir

A Gazetteer of Kashmir

Sales price: INR 695.00

And the adjacent districts of Kashtwar, Badrawar, Jammu, Naoshera, Punch, and the valley of the Kishen Ganga. It provides wealth of authentic information about location of places and major road distances of the region. It is a source book based on facts and figures.

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A History Of Ladakh

Sales price: INR 595.00

considered a pioneering work on the history, the  culture and the society of Ladakh, the book examines in a captivating style its early history, various religious missions in and around Ladakh, royal dynasties of Ladakh, important battles fought in the area, etc. The book also discusses the culture...

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