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A Lonely Summer In Kashmir

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In giving these recollections of a lonely summer spent in Kashmir to the public, I feel that more than a passing word of apology is needed for the egoistic tone running through them; with the best will in the word to eliminate it, the first person singular reappears with monotonous frequency. In...

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the mission in kashmir

A mission in kashmir

A Mission in Kashmir is an attempt at a new way of writing on Kashmir. It critically examines sources and tries to use news discoveries to contest mainstream ideas on the accession, the raiders and the role of Pakistani regulars in the debacle. Especially remarkable is the sensitivity reflected in...

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Story of Exile

A story of Exile

Sales price: INR 103.79

Tabish’s poems are a poetic epitaph, aesthetically narrating the myriad hues of human suffering and longing in Kashmir’s conflict. From trauma of separation to horrifying bloodshed, the essence of his words is human-centric and encapsulates the very span of human reach. The poems are a delight to...

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