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Kingdom of Kashmir

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Kashmir is an ancient principality. In the Puranas, it is mentioned by the name of Gerek, which means a hill. The Mahabharta and the Buddhist literature refer to it as Kasmira, while the Mulasarvastivada Vinnaya calls it Kasmira-Mandala. For the Greeks (Ptolemy), it was Kasperiria. Some scholars...

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Kashmir Francis Younghusband

Kashmir Francis Younghusband

Sales price: INR 1295.00

This book called ‘Kashmir’ was written at the request of Edward Molyneux. Younghusband’s descriptions went hand in hand with his paintings of the Valley by Molyneux. In the book, Younghusband declared his immense admiration of the natural beauty of Kashmir and its history. The book does not deal...

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The Maharaja of Kashmir A Vindication And An Appeal

The Maharaja of Kashmir

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It is an appeal and vindication made to His Excellency Viceroy of India, an exposition of the affairs of Kashmir. The whole object has been to state plainly the just case of the Maharaja and to press it upon the attention of His Excellency the Viceroy. The Maharaja has suffered too long already and...

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