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the mission in kashmir

A mission in kashmir

A Mission in Kashmir is an attempt at a new way of writing on Kashmir. It critically examines sources and tries to use news discoveries to contest mainstream ideas on the accession, the raiders and the role of Pakistani regulars in the debacle. Especially remarkable is the sensitivity reflected in...

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Contemporary Pakistan And Kashmir Politics

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Hussain’s Book “Contemporary Pakistan and Kashmir Politics” is by any standards indeed a remarkable read. Hussain in a devastating, frank, forthright, open minded manner, with profound insight explores the intricacies of the Contemporary Pakistan and Kashmir Politics, and reaches pristine pure...

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Icons Of Kashmir Identity

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Since the birth of India and Pakistan as independent dominion Kashmir has been in the news. It has caused four major wars between the two countries. On occasions it has attracted screaming headlines in national and international media and since 1989, it has seldom been out of headlines. It has been...

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Kashmir Accord 1975 A Political Analysis

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The book gives an idea about the process of accession of the state of Jammu & Kashmir to India initiated by Pandit Nehru who finally realized the importance of Sheikh Abdullah whom the Indian Government had ignored and maligned by every possible way, brought him back to the scence and started...

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