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USA & Kashmir United States dual policy vis-à-vis terrorism in Kashmir.

USA & Kashmir

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This book describes the internal and external aspects of Kashmir issue; makes understand the United States interest in Kashmir and put the major external powers interest in Kashmir in a proper perspective. This book is divided into seven chapters, starting from introduction which describes Kashmir...

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troubled kashmir

Troubled Kashmir Exasperated Essays in Its Contemporary Politics

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This book examines in detail the concept of State in its relation to its People which it governs. Whether sovereignty should lie with the People or the State is the basic argument of this book? This book suggests that for better governance there should be Direct Democracy i.e., Peoples’ Sovereignty...

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The Politics of State Autonomy

The Politics of State Autonomy

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Kashmir is now known more for its so called Kashmir Issue or the Kashmir conflict than it was for its natural blessings. More specific to say it is now being called as ‘the wounded paradise”. Since some three decades time the Kashmir issue had ultimately sought a prime place in the top debates....

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The History of Struggle for Freedom in Kashmir

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This book is different from many that have been written on Kashmir during the past sixty years since the dispute started. It is not a propagandist’s book; it does not present the problem of Kashmir or suggest a solution as would cater to the predisposition and wishful thinking of any party of...

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Social Marketing and Conflict Resolution An Analysis of the Kashmir Situation

Social Marketing and Conflict Resolution

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In an unprecedented endeavor, this book attempts to marry two unrelated fields of Social Sciences and Business Management. The book is based on the idea that if any product or service can be marketed using latest marketing techniques for commercial gains, why can not similar techniques be used to...

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