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Kashmir In War And Diplomacy

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Kashmiryat a new cliché was added to the political lexicon of Kashmir in early nineties of the past century. This word that sounds alien to etymology of Kashmir language found some ready takers in the government and made it a part of Kashmir’s political discourse. Some made it look as...

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Kashmir State of Impunity

Kashmir the State of Impunity

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Kashmir is indeed in a state of impunity. There is hardly any accountability in any field of human activity. Law is known more in its violation that in its implementation. The state of impunity exists in social, economic and political fields. This is partly because of harsh rule, partly because the...

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Social Marketing and Conflict Resolution An Analysis of the Kashmir Situation

Social Marketing and Conflict Resolution

Sales price: INR 695.00

In an unprecedented endeavor, this book attempts to marry two unrelated fields of Social Sciences and Business Management. The book is based on the idea that if any product or service can be marketed using latest marketing techniques for commercial gains, why can not similar techniques be used to...

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Icons Of Kashmir Identity

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Since the birth of India and Pakistan as independent dominion Kashmir has been in the news. It has caused four major wars between the two countries. On occasions it has attracted screaming headlines in national and international media and since 1989, it has seldom been out of headlines. It has been...

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Linguistic Identities of Jammu and Kashmir

Linguistics Identities of Jammu & Kashmir

Sales price: INR 1196.29

Owing to its diversities - the Jammu and Kashmir is also known as mini-India in the world. This is the place where the people who belongs to different, religions, faiths and ethno –linguistic groups lives together in a unit. The book is about the multiplicity of people, their languages and vivid...

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