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troubled kashmir

Troubled Kashmir Exasperated Essays in Its Contemporary Politics

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This book examines in detail the concept of State in its relation to its People which it governs. Whether sovereignty should lie with the People or the State is the basic argument of this book? This book suggests that for better governance there should be Direct Democracy i.e., Peoples’ Sovereignty...

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Contemporary Pakistan And Kashmir Politics

Sales price: INR 895.00

Hussain’s Book “Contemporary Pakistan and Kashmir Politics” is by any standards indeed a remarkable read. Hussain in a devastating, frank, forthright, open minded manner, with profound insight explores the intricacies of the Contemporary Pakistan and Kashmir Politics, and reaches pristine pure...

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Kashmir in Sunlight and Shade

Kashmir in Sunlight and Shade

Sales price: INR 1524.04

The present volume is undoubtedly one of the most interesting books ever written on Kashmir as it gives an eye-witness account of Kashmir, including Ladakh, as it existed a century back. The author, an indefatigable missionary and school teacher, arrived in India from England in 1891 to assist Rev...

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