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Socio Economic condition of Kashmiri Pundits

Socio Economic condition of Kashmiri Pundits

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History is a survey of man’s existence and occupation on earth, the ideas, events and meaning of man’s long journey through his birth and development, leading to the progress of civilization, which are basic to any elicitation, indicative of how the past is interpreted and what lessons might be...

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Socio-Economic History of Kashmir

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Living a sedate and peaceful life in a far flung outpost in the inner Himalayas, the Kashmiris were catapulted into the nineteenth century British India as a fallout from the Anglo-Russian rivalry.  The change-over in 1846 from Sikh to Dogra rule under  the suzerainty of the British, resulted in a...

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beyond the pir panjal

Valley Of Kashmir

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Kashmir has undergone great changes, the most rapid progress was doubtlessly made in the decade preceding the year 1900. But development is still going on, although its rate varies from time to time. The object of the present writer has been to combine and to set forth, in compact form, the great...

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