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Folk-Tales Of Kashmir

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Kashmir as a field of folklore literature is, perhaps, not surpassed in fertility by any other country in the world; and yet, while every year witnesses the publication of books on the subject from Bengal, Bombay, Madras, Panjab, and other parts; and while each successive number  of The Indian...

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Hatim’s Tales: Kashmiri Stories and Songs

Sales price: INR 550.00

  Kashmir, like any other Indian cultural region of India, has its  rich tradition of folklore. Hatim’s Tales are a class by themselves in this heritage. A spell-binding story-teller. Hatim was a legend in his lifetime. He recited, intoned, sang and talked to his fond listeners in the towns and...

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kashmir folklore

Kashmir Folklore A Study in Historical Prespective

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“The present work makes a significant contribution to the study of Kashmiri Society. It reveals how oral history can provide fruitful insight in to the character of a society.Basing his conclusion primarily on the folk tales, songs and plays, the researcher has put together  and discussed valuable...

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The Word of Lalla

Sales price: INR 325.00

The Word of Lalla is so far the best book about the poetry and philosophy of Lal Dyad; besides giving beautiful poetic equivalents of Lal Dyad’s cryptic verses, it contains a detailed and comprehensive account of the intellectual background of the great poetess. A comparative study of Kashmir...

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