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A Lonely Summer In Kashmir

Sales price: INR 450.00

In giving these recollections of a lonely summer spent in Kashmir to the public, I feel that more than a passing word of apology is needed for the egoistic tone running through them; with the best will in the word to eliminate it, the first person singular reappears with monotonous frequency. In...

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Adventure sport in Kashmir and Ladakh

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      These lines are written in the hope that, after their perusal, the visitor to “The Vale,” or to other parts of the Himalayas, may not feel himself so entirely at the mercy of his shikari, who too often consults his own comfort and visits spots where he and the villagers can play into one...

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Forts and Palces of Kashmir

Forts and Palces of Kashmir

Sales price: INR 977.79

The evolution of palace and fort construction in Jammu and Kashmir is accounted from the period of Karkota dynasty. Lalitaditya Mukhtapida who ruled Kashmir from 699AD to 736AD, is known to the Kashmir history as the great builder. Kalhana attributes him, the foundation of several towns and...

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Geography of Jammu & Kashmir

Sales price: INR 1395.00

The book “Geography of Jammu and Kashmir” has been developed to know more and more, about the regional structure of three regions i.e, Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, of the State. It is a comprehensive account of various features of this “Land of supreme bliss”, which attracts every traveller, trader...

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geography of the j k

Geography of the Jammu & Kashmir

Sales price: INR 795.00

In this one of the rare books on the geography of the Jammu and Kashmir state, the author gives a detailed account of the landscape of Jammu and Kashmir. The author also discusses geological facts of the region, its picturesque valleys, lakes, mountains, peoples, their languages and their...

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My Land My People Kashmir In Perspective

Sales price: INR 425.00

This book reveals the brief account of many aspects of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh Like, Area, Geography, Land and People etc. The Jammu and Kashmir State presents the picture of a metrical society, speaking different languages, and having different religions, tradition in dress, manners and...

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srinagar my city my dream land'

Srinagar My City, My Dreamland

Sales price: INR 1295.00

The  book has the magical words that work as a mantra in unboiling the hard fastened doors of thenostalgia and taking one down the memory lane. It is an odyssey_a long and wondering journey that makes one to relive agonies and ecstasies of the past. Shah-ri-Khas, the city of Srinagar, now for its...

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