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the history of kashmiri literature

The History of Kashmiri Literature

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Kashmiri literature has a history of at least 2,500 years, going back to its glory days of Sanskrit. Early names include Patanjali, the author of the Mahabhashya commentary on Panini’s grammer, suggested by some to have been the same to write the Hindu treastise known as the yogasutra, and...

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kashmiri langauage

A Dictionary Of The Kashmiri Language (2 Volume1 Set )

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With the enormous increase of literacy all over  the world, the extension of the frontiers of knowledge than before, and  the coming of the countries of the world closer to one another,  students, scholars and people of various nations have felt an imperative necessity of learning languages of...

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Standard Manual Of the Kashmiri Language

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The present work consists of three parts – a Grammar,  a series of sentences in English and Kashmiri and a Kashmiri English Vocabulary. The author has endeavored to make the grammar as simple as possible. The Chief particularities of Kshmiri- peculiarities which have been altogether ignored by...

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