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Living Uncertainties Kashmir People and Problems

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The book is a record of the impressions made on the mind of a reputed and experienced Journalist, expressed through different columns, in response to the various developments at the national or international level for the resolution of Kashmir dispute. Though compiled from these columns, yet it...

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My Land My People Kashmir In Perspective

Sales price: INR 425.00

This book reveals the brief account of many aspects of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh Like, Area, Geography, Land and People etc. The Jammu and Kashmir State presents the picture of a metrical society, speaking different languages, and having different religions, tradition in dress, manners and...

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the gujjar tribe of j&k

The Gujjar Tribe of Jammu & Kashmir

Sales price: INR 1195.00

The Gujjars and Bakarwals are two name of one tribe popularly known as Gujjars in Indian subcontinent. Since they have been a nomadic tribe over centuries are gtting permanently settled in colonies and places, a collection of their History, Culture and Flok-lore becomes all the more important and...

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