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Azad: The Poet of Lool

Azad: The Poet of Lool

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journey in Kashmiri. Both began as romantics. The younger of the two, Abdul Ahad Azad, began first and the older Ghulam Ahmad Mahjuur a few years later. Together they dominated the Kashmiri poetry during this half of the century. Other poets faded in comparison while the poesy moulded itself in...

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Habba Khatoon Nightingale of Kashmir

Sales price: INR 795.00

Professor Wakhlu’s immensely interesting novel is the odyssey of love, intense and passionate. Thus the book is a SONG OF LOVE. The book narrates in full, rich and lucid style the love of Sultan Yusuf Shah Chak of Kashmir for a village belle, Habba Khatoon, whose original name was Zoon. Born of an...

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Lalla Rookh The Glorious Heritage

Sales price: INR 495.00

Kashmir has been called by different names from the remote past “Sharda Peeth” or Seat Learning; “Rishi Bhumi”, or the land of Saints, sages and savants. Sir Thomas Moore a British scholar called it Lalla Rookh or the meadow of variegated flowers. Fidause a Persian scholar immortalized it by...

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My Years with Sheikh Abdullah Kashmir 1971-1987

Sales price: INR 933.00

My years with Sheikh Abdullah is a faithful record of memoirs of the author into the life & working of the Chief Ministers under whom he was destined to work very closely. He has expressed his impressions without fear or favour and revealed starling facts & shocking revelations about the tragic...

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rumis impact on thought

Rumi’s Impact On Iqbal’s Religious Thought

Sales price: INR 895.00

Dr Nazir Qaiser is the founder Principle of Sir Syed Cambridge School, Lahore. He took Master degree in philosophy and then PhD from the University of the Punjab. He obtained Diploma in Montessori education from London. He is patron of Iqbal Forum international; Member of Executive Committee of...

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