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Story of Exile

A story of Exile

Sales price: INR 103.79

Tabish’s poems are a poetic epitaph, aesthetically narrating the myriad hues of human suffering and longing in Kashmir’s conflict. From trauma of separation to horrifying bloodshed, the essence of his words is human-centric and encapsulates the very span of human reach. The poems are a delight to...

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alamdari kashmir

Alamdar-I-Kashmir Standard-Bearer Patron-Saint Of Kashmir

Sales price: INR 550.00

In ancient times a Brahmin in South India was not considered to have attained full knowledge and wisdom unless he would pay Obeisance to the Devi Saraswati of Kashmir, who represented the Power of sagacity and prudence. Since in those days it was difficult To undertake a journey, long and tortuous,...

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Azad: The Poet of Lool

Azad: The Poet of Lool

Sales price: INR 1195.00

journey in Kashmiri. Both began as romantics. The younger of the two, Abdul Ahad Azad, began first and the older Ghulam Ahmad Mahjuur a few years later. Together they dominated the Kashmiri poetry during this half of the century. Other poets faded in comparison while the poesy moulded itself in...

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Iqbals poetry tulip in desert

Iqbal's Poetry-Tulip in the Desert

Sales price: INR 977.79

Iqbal’s poetry has such great variety that several anthologies of it could be compiled, each quite different from the other. The poem in this volume, while being a personal selection, are representative of Iqbal’s poetry. The thematic arrangement reflects the diversity of subjects dealt by Iqbal....

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Lalla Rookh

Sales price: INR 2900.00

Lalla Rookh, a long poem replete with quaint characters, dramatic events, references to the oriental grandeur, and beauty of melody, can be read not only as a whole, but also for delightful and memorable passages, and this is what all great long poems fundamentally are. For a full appreciation of...

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