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the mission in kashmir

A mission in kashmir

A Mission in Kashmir is an attempt at a new way of writing on Kashmir. It critically examines sources and tries to use news discoveries to contest mainstream ideas on the accession, the raiders and the role of Pakistani regulars in the debacle. Especially remarkable is the sensitivity reflected in...

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azad kashmir

Azad Kashmir

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  The slogan of Azad Kashmir was raised, for the first time, in the plenary session of the Party gathering of the Kashmir  Kisan Mazdoor Conference which was held in Kaba Marg, a village in the Anant Nag district on 12th May, 1946. As a matter of fact, one of the several gates admitting visitors...

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Contemporary Pakistan And Kashmir Politics

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Hussain’s Book “Contemporary Pakistan and Kashmir Politics” is by any standards indeed a remarkable read. Hussain in a devastating, frank, forthright, open minded manner, with profound insight explores the intricacies of the Contemporary Pakistan and Kashmir Politics, and reaches pristine pure...

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Culture And Political History Of Kashmir

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The number of books written on Kashmir is legion. Most of them deal with the natural beauty of this “Paradise on Earth”. However, little has been written on the people whose life and history are equally interesting for they have given to humanity thought and craft that added to its dignity,...

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Genesis of Kashmir

Genesis of Kashmir

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The name Iran has been applied to the country since Islamic times to modern Persia, from the Persian genitive Aryana or the land of the Aryans. However, we know it a country where the Persian language is the mother tongue of the masses. Its two great kings, Cyrus and Darius, who extended the...

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