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Advent of Islam in Kashmir

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There have been Sufis at all periods of history. In Kashmir they were designated as Rishis and the Valley was called the Rishi-Veir or the garden of Rishis. They were free from limitation of caste, creed, color or race. For them, the source of all religions is one and the same. However, envy,...

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Buddhism In Kashmir

Sales price: INR 995.00

The title “Buddhism in Kashmir” is a comprehensive and descriptive analysis of Buddhist religio-philosophical tradition from its origin to downfall and revival. The celestial Valley was one of the most important and popular lands in the history of the spread and development of Budhism in Asia but...

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Hazratbal The Central Stage of Kashmir Politics

Sales price: INR 795.00

In this remarkable study, G.N. Gauhar narrates an in-depth  story of Hazratbal, the famous shrine in Kashmir which became the central stage of Kashmiri politics during the last three centuries. The shrine located on the western shore of the famous dal Lake houses the holy relic of Prophet Muhammad....

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Historical Sikh Shrines of Jammu & Kashmir

Sales price: INR 2500.00

The State of Jammu and Kashmir comprises of three regions namely, Jammu, the Kashmir Valley and Ladakh.The province Of Jammu has numerous Shrines and is popularly known as “City OF T emples”. The Kashmir valley is famous for its beautiful mountainous landscape, sparkling rivers, serene lakes,...

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Islamic Culture In Kashmir

Sales price: INR 1695.00

In this book, the reader will find a general description of Kashmir and Kashmiris, embodying the result of the latest research on the subject. To epitomize the history of Kashmir from the earliest times to the advent of Islam, the propagation and influence is discussed. The indigenous Mohammadan...

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