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Lal and Her Vaakh

Lal and Her Vaakh
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Lal is known and loved for her vaakh. That is how we know of her; save her vaakh, we know next to nothing about Lal. Yet we have many tales, in fact too many tales, of her activities, most of which got ‘known’ during the last two centuries. One author conjured up seven rebirths for her. Some had her feed and lead, poets born long after her. Others had her debate subtleties with seers who came to Kashmir, decades after her death. This is as good a measure of her appeal as one could get. But it is a tricky tract. With her vaakh as the sole link to Lal, the body of vaakh is as important, as the poet herself. With her vaakh became so popular that it was a test of poetic prowess. Poets, in the centuries following her, wrote vaakh, most after a line or so of hers. Lalu’ vaakh become a genre of sorts. It also confounded Lal with extraneous poesies, whether good or bad, polluting her vaakh.
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