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Kashmir the State of Impunity

Kashmir the State of Impunity
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Kashmir is indeed in a state of impunity. There is hardly any accountability in any field of human activity. Law is known more in its violation that in its implementation. The state of impunity exists in social, economic and political fields. This is partly because of harsh rule, partly because the priorities are not properly set. While politics occupies a large space in Kashmir’s panorama and in fact is the dominant narrative, socio-economic Issues take a back seat; hence a plea for fine tuning political emphasis makes sense. The protest for rights…human, political, economic, social has always been and will remain the basic human urge. However fighting for political rights should not cast a shadow on social and economic rights. It is being increasingly felt that the guard gets lowered on social and economic rights, while fighting for political rights in Kashmir. The political emphasis needs to be fine tuned, so that in the din and crescendo of it, socio-economic note is not lost. A struggle for political rights needs to have an economic and social clause, inherent in it. It might as well be said that economic agenda should form the base of the triangle with social emancipation at right angles to it, leaving the political reform to complete the triangle. There are examples to remember and follow. A prime example is the ‘Tea party at Boston’ where an effort was on to stop the export of a vital item, which hurt the American economy. This happened, while the Americans were engaged in a relentless fight for political rights. Britain was fattening itself at American expense. The exercise to enrich Britain continued with subjugation of India, leading to Indian struggle for political rights. Even before Gandhi came on scene, significant moves were on to bring about the needed social emancipation.
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