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Bang-I Dara-Call of the Marching Bells

Bang-I Dara-Call of the Marching Bells
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Bang-i-Dara—Call of the Marching Bell, which forms the subject of this book combines literary with intellectual excellence. Most of his books deal with one or with a few subjects selected out of a large number of his favourite topics. For example, Asrar-i-Khudi and Ramuz-i-Bekhudi deal with the subject of “Self” and the application of this concept to the program of renaissance of the Muslim world and society to put them on the path of struggle for supremacy of Islamic values and physical as well as intellectual freedom from the Western world. Similarly Zarb-i-Kalim is devoted to the struggle against the wrong values of the present day world, which is dominated by the anti-God Western thought. On the other hand Bang-i-Dara contains his thoughts on all the topics dear to him. It is unfortunate that the English-knowing world has remained deprived of this important book for such a long time.
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