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Revelations of the Mystery

Revelations of the Mystery
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Al-Hujwiri was another of the great saint and writers of Sufism. He is most famous for his work Revelation of the Mystery or Kashf-al Mahjubwhich has been revered by students of Sufism for nine centuries. This seminal book began Sufism’s rich literary history in the Persian language. It is a distillation of the teachings and lore of the Sufism of Al-Hujwiri’s time, but its wisdom is eternal. The first part of the book contains biographies of the saints who are still revered within the traditions to this day. These include Fudayl, a brigand who turned to God and became a great spiritual teacher, Ibrahim Adham, the prince who renounced the world when he received the divine call during a hunt; and Al Hallaj, the great Sufi martyr.
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