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Sufi Poems

Sufi Poems
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Though in recent years much attention has been lavished on Persian Sufi Poetry, the vast treasure of Arabic Sufi Poetry has been left virtually untouched. In Sufi Poems: A Mediaeval Anthology we have for the first time a compilation and translation of some of the great masterpieces of Arabic Sufi poetry with the original Arabic on facing pages. Beginning with the poetry of the renowned female saint, Rabi ‘ah al-Adawiyyah (d. 185 AH/801 AD), and including poems by Hallaj, Ghazali, Ibn ‘Arabi, Ibn al- Farid and many others Martin Lings offers us a taste of the inner life of Sufism at its most intoxicating. As he explains in the Preface, at the heart of the poems is the Oneness of Union and the paradox of absences within Presence
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