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Sufism its siants and shrines

Sufism its siants and shrines
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Sufism Its Saints and Shrines is the first authoritative and detailed account of Sufism as it exists in India and Pakistan and as such it fills a colossal gap in the study of Sufi Mystical Movement in Islam in this region. The author, John A Subhan, was at one time a member of the Qadari Order a well known Sufi Order. He compresses in this book much material starting with the early history of Sufism and ending with an account of its religious orders and some of its principle saints who lived on this land. The major highlight of this comprehensive work is the detailed account of the main Sufi Orders and the Sufi Saints. It provides information about these saints, their practices and thoughts which are not available elsewhere including accounts on Khwaja Mu‘inu’d-Din Chishti, Khwaja Quaubu’d-Din, Hamza Shahi, Baha’u’d-Din Zakariya, Oadru’d-Din—Shaykh Aomad Ma‘shuq, Aaaar, Jalau’d-Din Rumi, Faridu’d-Din, Baba Ratan, Mas‘ud Ghazi, Bibi Pakdamanan and many others.
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