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Tales of Mystic Meaning

Tales of Mystic Meaning
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These fifty-one Stories are a fair sample of the Mathnawi on the side from which the best general view of its spirit and character can be obtained by readers approaching it for the first time. All these versions except two are in prose and are based upon the text and literal translation already published in the E J W Gibb Memorial Series as far as the end of the Fourth Book; they also include a few short anecdotes from Book V. The force and savour of the Mathnawi would be lost in a paraphrase and though I have modified here and there my complete translation, which is intended for students, the changes hardly affect its closeness to the original. I have tried to present the Tales attractively as well as faithfully. Their variety and interest become more apparent when they are arranged without regard to their position and sequence in the Six Books. Many, especially the longer ones, need pruning and trimming; and I decided to lighten them rather than leave them out altogether. As a rule, the temptation to give extracts has been resisted. No one likes unfinished stories; if the Poet sometimes breaks off in the middle, it is because his audience knew the end. Brief notes have been added, supplementing his own remarks on the allegorical sense and explaining allusions to matters with which only Muslims are usually familiar. A curious and interesting commentary might be written on the Tales. There is no room for it here and in any case it could not commend them to the reader half so well as has been done by letting them speak for themselves.
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